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New Laser Printer Buying Guild

The cost of laser printers has reduced over the years, making it an easy task to purchase a new one. For students and any other individual trying to set up a new office, this implies that a mass printer can be purchased for a very small initial outlay. But for a busy office, a laser printer is a no-brainer. It provides the fastest speed, the perfect quality prints, and economical prints on a per page basis.

If you have intentions of buying a new laser-based multifunction printer or a laser printer, the following are major factors to consider:

  • Paper handling

Normal printers would handle papers reaching an A4 size, so you need to look for a specific model if you also want to print A3 size paper type documents. Things such as heavier papers and envelops can easily be printed if the printer has the multi-function tray feature, also ensure to check the specifications of the printer in order to know the weight of the paper it can handle, as well as the number of envelopes it can take.

In the case of a large business, always having enough papers in the printers is very necessary. No one wants to be the one always to fill up the tray, so the best you can do is make sure the trays don’t require regular fillings. Get a printer that has the capacity for the total number of users that will be printing. Also, get a printer that can easily be expanded through a second or a third tray so growing needs can be satisfied.

  • Color or monochrome

This is another important factor to consider. Find out the type of documents you would be printing so as to know the printer type that will suit you perfectly. If you are printing documents such as invoices or another monochrome type of documents, then you need a monochrome laser printer. Get a color laser printer using a printer guide if you will need to produce color documents type on a regular basis.

  • Ease of use

You should be acquainted with your phone, tablet, or in most cases your laptops touchscreen by now. So going for a touchscreen on a printer is not a bad idea. A printer menu system can easily be navigated if it is a touchscreen printer type, most especially if it enjoys built-in access to applications that require the user’s login details. Ease of use can also assist in loading and access paper trays faster, as well as the way toner cartridges can be replaced.

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