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Is Stargate 3ds working with microsd card and which brand, size and class to choose for it?

To you who plan to buy a Stargate 3ds, don’t forget to prepare a microsd card too for this flashcard. Why? Because like all flash cartridges for Nintendo 3ds firmware consoles, the Stargate 3ds must work with a micro sdhc card to play multiple DS, 3DS and other free roms. So here we comes 3 questions when pickup a microSD for Stargate 3ds, which brand, which size and which class to choose? In this post, you can find the answers.

Why Stargate 3ds should work with microsd card?

Stargate 3ds is a game hacking card for Nintendo 3ds, new 3ds, 2ds and 2ds xl consoles. But as like all the other flash cartridges, it should work wih a micro memory card to install card firmware and save game roms. Without working with the sd/sdhc card, your Stargate 3ds is useless. Currenlty, the official site does not tell us more details about the Stargate 3ds, but it should and must work with a microsd, this is a fact.

Which brand microsd to choose for Stargate 3ds?

There are numerous fake sd cards on the Internet, so do not buy a microsd card from an unkown brand. Sandisk, Kinston and Samsung are famous brands you can choose to buy a micro sd or sdhc card. Among them, Sandisk is the most recommended one. No matter R4 card users or Sky3ds+ users, they have good experience when use the Sandisk microsd card with their flash carts.

Which size microsd to choose for Stargate 3ds?

The official site doesn’t tell us the highest microsd card size Stargate 3ds can support. But judged from Gateway 3ds and Sky3ds+, the Stargate 3ds should support 128gb mciro sdhc card too. However, it does not mean the 128gb sd card is the best choice. In fact, I will recommend you choose 64gb micro sd card for Stargate 3ds. It is enough for you to download and play ds, 3ds, gba and other roms. The 128gb one is more expensive to buy and you may waste most of space because 128gb is too large size.

Which class to choose for Stargate 3ds microsd?

Class 8 or Class 10, they will have a higher read/write speed but in the mean time, means the higher price. If you can accept the price, a class 10 microd card will be the best choice.

So all in all, which microsd card to buy for Stargate 3ds?

A 64gb Sandisk one with class 10. You can get it in 3ds-flashcard.com site, leave message them that you need a class 10 microsd card.

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