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Indoor Surveillance Cameras vs. Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras add extra security if you consider the safety of your family. However, with many options available for security cameras, it is a bit difficult to decide which best fits your needs. On a broad basis, the two kinds of surveillance cameras are indoor surveillance cameras and outdoor surveillance cameras. If you are unable to decide which area of your home or business needs surveillance (indoor or outdoor) on priority, seek advice from experts from security camera providers like Hikvision. You can get Hikvision phone number from the company website.

Let’s see what the basic differences between outdoor and indoor security cameras are with respect to different factors.

Materials Used

Outdoor cameras are built of heavy materials to withstand the vulnerability of being tampered with. They are housed in a case to prevent from easy removal. Indoor cameras are lightweight and less intrusive when compared to outdoor cameras. They are not made of heavy materials as in the case of outdoor cameras.

Dome Enclosure

Most of the times, outdoor cameras have to withstand the extreme weather conditions when compared to the indoor cameras. So, they are enclosed in a dome to prevent damage due to weather conditions. Since it is highly weather proof, it is quite expensive than an indoor camera, which isn’t much resistant to extreme weather conditions. On the contrary, indoor cameras don’t need such domes.

Performance under Low Light Conditions

Outdoor cameras are better equipped to capture videos under dim light conditions, whereas indoor cameras sometimes struggle to capture decent videos in low light. Outdoor cameras come in handy when there is a requirement to monitor an area with very dim light. With IR setting, it would easily do your work. Indoor cameras have IR lights to provide night vision and adjust the recording as per the lighting conditions. However, one can turn off the IR light if they wish to.

Field of View

The field of view (ability to record more width) is more for outdoor cameras. This is because they are fit outside the home and they are expected to capture a wide area to monitor the entire home, whereas indoor cameras are confined to cover a particular room or a certain distance at home.

Both the indoor and outdoor cameras share common features like infrared and transition from colour to black and white photos based on the lighting conditions. They also have motion detection feature using which they can send notifications of suspicious activities while monitoring the situations.

On a final note, outdoor cameras are more expensive and come with high build quality to withstand the extreme weather conditions. Indoor cameras are no less than outdoor cameras, but they are built to serve specific requirements.

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