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Existing server types in the game, their description

The game World of Warcraft appears more and more fans. After all, all events take place in a mysterious and unpredictable world with dungeons, arenas, mounts. Unusual characters and enchanting battles like a lot.

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Currently, in the game World of Warcraft, there are three servers. Each of which has its own differences.

  1. PVP server means the battle “player versus player”. The game world has no significant differences. Between the factions, there is a battle of practically throughout the territory of Azeroth. The safest areas for small characters are the so-called “green”, which are highlighted by this color. In the yellow zone, players of opposing factions can attack each other. In red, you cannot attack, but you can be attacked at any time. After all, it is considered an enemy zone. There are territories beyond their border where you can be attacked at any time. But thanks to this, the pumping of the character becomes more interesting, despite all the complexity. On this server, you cannot create characters belonging to different factions.
  2. PVE server implies a scenario of the battle “player versus environment”. Unlike PVP, it is possible to create characters of different factions on it. This option is ideal for beginners who just entered the game. And also here are those who cannot attack others. All battles take place in arenas. Battles in the open air and other interesting moments are absent. The disadvantages can be attributed to the fact that over time, this principle of the game can get bored and you will become bored. But it depends on the player. Using a specific command on this server, you can enable PVP mode, but after activation, it will be turned on for no more than five minutes.
  3. RP server means “role play”. They can be normal or player-versus-player-oriented (RP PVP). Here are the other rules and principles. The player on this server must come up with a story for his character and hold on to it. Such servers are not available in Russian versions. Therefore, for the game you must be fluent in English.

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