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4 Reasons why Google Adwords are considered the Best

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When any marketer wants to advertise his product, there are many options available now, right from the conventional methods of print and electronic media to the more recent ones like social networking and Google adwords. One of the most baffling questions that is always being asked to the experts of The Marketing Folks is, “why you should use adwords in Google?” There are many reasons why Google adwords can be extremely helpful for a business. The adwords – pay per click (PPC) advertising model employed by Google is highly recommended mainly due to the following advantages

  • Measurability and Scalability – With many PPC analytic tools available, one can measure the effectiveness of the adwords and after analyzing it at a micro level, one can understand what is working and what’s not. Changes can then be incorporated accordingly. Scalability here refers to the fact that with less effort, more output can be expected by using the PPC model. The ratio at which profit is accrued is far more than the investment. This is the reason why businesses worldwide pump in more money towards the PPC model. Wherever there is a constraint of time and resources and prospects are to be found fast, Google adwords help to overcome the challenge smartly.  
  • Adjustability – When someone asks “why you should use adwords in Google?” perhaps the best answer can be adjustability. It refers to the fact that unlimited choices based upon the requirements can be created which helps to make promotions and advertisement according to it. Using the feature, one can easily use ad extensions, get an entry into partner sites like Gmail and youtube where there are also a large number of users and can display there and filter out the target audience according to language, geography and many other parameters.  
  • Outpaces SEO – Anyone vouching for SEO and asking” why you should use adwords in Google?” should be answered that compared to SEO, the adwords work easier and faster. Compared to the SEO, it’s very easy to maintain Google adwords and the result also pours in fast. Unlike SEO, where a team has to constantly monitor and build the links for proper optimization, PPC is almost instantaneous! The area, time and location from where a search is to be solicited can be described easily in Google adwords. Most importantly, for newbie’s, learning PPC is also comparatively easier than SEO.  
  • Complements other marketing tools – Adword Remarketing is a process by which a visitor is followed around the web. It is a very helpful tool that ensures the product is always displayed once the visitor visits the site so that a cookie gets enabled and starts following him. This way, the customer can always keep focus on the product. This way, it lends a helping hand to other marketing methods.

Now, if anyone had the doubt, “why you should use Google PPC?” then these above mentioned points can be of great help to find the answer. The reason for Google PPC model’s popularity and acceptability also rests on these features along with many others that have made it a suggested choice among marketers.

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